Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bones To Bury-Arising Voice

Duality Records2014

Bones To Bury are a young melodic metalcore band. Not just in the sense that they're relatively new to the scene (early in August of 2013 per the all-too brief bio), but also age-wise. Just look at the picture of these young metalheads who range in age from 18- 20!

Of course age isn't always the greatest indication of talent right? I mean we've all seen/heard both old and young bands that flat-out ROCK as well as flat-out SUCK. Thankfully these youngsters (who for some reason make me want to "sing" Skid Row's anthem "Youth Gone Wild"!) fall into that first category more so then the second one! In their brief existence they have already played with the likes of Bleed From Within, Polar, Palm Reader, Stig Vanj Eijk, Infinity, Oslo Faenskap and Blood Red Throne and have issued this, their 4 song debut EP. With a home base listed as being somewhere in the "south of Norway" (Arenda maybe? That's what their Facebook page states here: and with influences listed as such (Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, Periphery, Meshuggah, Whitechapel and Five Finger Death Punch) the band Bones To Bury did worry me with their genre- description. I like to be honest of course and I'll honestly say that this kind of heavy metal just doesn't move me as much as it is did in my younger years. It's not that I have anything against metalcore (or melodic metalcore as is the case here) it's just that there have seemingly been thousands of similar sounding bands to have come and gone over the years and (along with black metal) it gets hard to tell them apart or pick up on anything substantial. So, that was my fear. I was worried I'd have nothing good to share about Bones To Bury and that there brief EP would be a chore to endure. As it stands though Bones To Bury hit upon some sick notes here on "Arising Voice" and while the screaming vocals were a tad hit or miss musically this one (wisely) leans HEAVY of the METAL side of things and forgoes the usual breakdowns associated with the movement in favor of actual guitar riffing! Ruben Pettersen fronts this band and these days the co-founder is joined by guitarists Jay Caprial (who also handles backing vocals) and Håkon Stensvand, bassist/vocalist Jonas Tellefsen and drummer Kevin Kile. Having hit the studio early this year with Simen Sandnes and Mathias to record "Arising Voice" the guys in Bones To Bury have manged to make their debut EP one which shows promise while pointing towards better things yet to come. For their age (again, not just personally but also as a band) this five-piece might just make people stand up and notice them before too long. Available pretty much wherever digital music is sold (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, X-Box music, etc.) it's very likely that the four-song "Arising Voice" already has a waiting audience in place (this stuff is still all the rage for a lot of younger males is I'm just going to go by the postings/rants of friends/musicians on Facebook) and as it stands now Bones To Bury has my admiration and support and I'll be rooting for the band from here on out! 

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