Monday, July 28, 2014

Ear Danger-Warrior Soul

Emanes Metal Records

When it comes to my love of Dutch heavy metal band Ear Danger and their new sophomore recording I feel the need to thank a fellow blogger and friend for guiding me their way. That individual happens to have a sensation site which everyone should check out here: Of course that is AFTER you read through this brief write-up on Ear Danger's powerhouse of a release! And when I say powerhouse that is exactly what you get with "Warrior Soul"! For a band whose origins trace back to the early part of the eighties and whose founding members (bass guitarist Matt Verschoor and drummer Dick Vijgen) are (likely) old enough now to be grandfathers this new release isn't just "loud and proud" it's EPIC! With vocalist/guitarist Leon Lohmann (Schraapstaal, Blackbird (Nld), ex-Knights of Insanity) and guitarist Ivo Metz on board the two founding members cranked things up a notch or two and with a renewed sense of youthful energy laid ten power metal tracks down on tape. Of the ten tracks found on "Warrior Soul" eight are brand new while the remaining two tracks look to be re-recordings of older numbers ("Bound by the Law (Of Heavy Metal)" comes from 2007's "Shock and Awe" demo while "City of Fire" appeared on Ear Danger's "Demo 3" from 1983). All ten numbers gel together seamlessly and with the group obviously focused on improving their songwriting fans will be treated to track after track of majestic rockers! This one starts off with the title cut and from that point forward it is on with new cuts like "I Am Your Enemy", "On The Run", "Crusader" and "To Live Is To Fight" making me fall in love with this classic heavy metal band all over again! I first covered this Dutch outfit back in 2011 with their last album "Full Blast At Last" ( and on "Warrior Soul" it's the same great band only better! The metal on display here is relentless with lead solos that simply rip the fabric of time and space in half! I can't say enough good things about Ear Danger's new disc as this album perfectly represents everything that I love about heavy/power metal. The vocals are gripping and the guitars really do fizzle. And naturally the rhythm section is tight. With those two fine veterans (Matt Verschoor and Dick Vijgen) not only anchoring everything in perfect fashion, but providing a HEAVY backdrop to this whole affair an album like "Warrior Soul" should find plenty of respect and admiration with the metal community. For Ear Danger it's all suddenly becoming a reality and for this band who were criminality overlooked the first time around "Warrior Soul" is a full-on statement that you're never to old to start over! "Warrior Soul" is available to purchase here: and for more information on Ear Danger be sure to head here:

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