Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SouLost-"Without Me" Single (Sneak peak of the EP "The Way I Feel Pt. 2")

I've always said that when it comes to writing for this blog I'm very fortunate in the fact that I get to hear a lot of cool up and coming new bands. And it certainly helps that I have a wonderful group of friends who work within the industry. I actually have Lizzie from Quite Great PR to thank for turning me onto this London, UK electronic (heavy) rock project. And when it comes to SouLost I like the name, I like the image and I like the sound! That's three out of three my friends! Now, as this is a relatively young act there isn't much of a bio going on, but regardless here it is: "Together since late 2013, Stef, Law and Ceira have brought their different personalities into the studio and developed a fresh and unique sound which draws influences from modern rock and electronica. The deep sense of not belonging and disenchantment in our lyrics finds perfect match in the powerful, yet melodic sound of the band. We share the same passion for music and we love to perform live and connect with people. In fact we believe that one of our strengths lies in the bond that we have established with our fans.". The single that was sent my way ("Without Me") comes from the group's upcoming new EP, "The Way I Feel Pt. 2", and now with the addition of a new member* to help boost the band's sound(!), SouLost does look as it is poised to make 2014 their year of conquest! Having played a bit of the old "rewind and check out the band's earlier recordings" I will say that when it comes to the potential of the new EP the first part of that equation, "The Way I Feel Pt.1", was good, but based upon what I heard from the new single this London collective sure sounds as if it has gone out of it's way to PUMP UP THE VOLUME and (thanks to some improved song-writing and natural development as a band) ROCK THE FREAK OUT! Ceira (vocals), Stef G (guitar / synths) and Law (drums / percussion) started something special when they first joined together and now this heavy rock-based electronic outfit is stepping it up with a sound that I'd suggest is a little bit Evanensense in places only with the added spitfire and flair of Paramore! That's not to say that this London band has anything but an original sound and style going for. Far from it! Up front I'd say that Ceira is ever bit the vocalist as Amy Lee and Hayley Williams (Evanensense and Paramore lead vocalists respectively) and the band as a whole is stylistic and creative! They play as if they are a tight-nit collective and for a band that already been featured on the Best Of British Unsigned playlist and has been gaining airplay in 16 countries(!) the sky really is the limit! Hopefully come Sept 1st (when the new EP is reported to be released) I'll have had a chance to cover more from this fantastic act. In the meantime you can find out more about SouLost and hear some of their cool electronic rock at their official website here:

*From the group's Facebook page the new member looks to be bassist Lux. 

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