Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunken Monkey-Party Scars

Bumface Records

Self-described as "pop punk/alternative/rock" and first formed in the early "noughties" (something which makes a tad more sense once you've danced around a bit to the music of these foul-mouth rockers!) we have Lancashire, England's Sunken Monkey and their upcoming new album, "Party Scars". Serving as the group's sophomore outing, "Party Scars" is the the follow-up to a 2009, self-titled release and for a band (guitars/vocals-Spindle, guitars-Rob, bass-Adam and drums- Hendy) which has apparently had more then it's fair share of line-up changes since first coming together there is a remarkable sense of consistency flowing through these gritty numbers. And speaking of numbers, "Party Scars" (with it's run-time of the 38 minutes) comes packaged with 13 songs. Since 13 has always been a favorite number of mine (what can I say friends other then I'm dark!!) I was delighted to see an album that filled that particular quota! But what of the actual music I hear you asking? How is it other then gritty and (as referenced above) danceable? Well, despite the "alternative rock" bit that came with the e-mail promoting the new album "Party Scars" is more about one heartfelt band drawing upon their influences (in this case NOFX, The Menzingers, Rise Against and Four Year Strong) and then transferring all of the energy from said bands into a band of their own making that is part classic punk rock and part classic (heavy) pop-punk. Vibe-wise we're talking about one band that has the whole old-school appeal down flat while the catchy music that makes up the bulk of "Party Scars" comes across as genuine and sincere. It's no wonder then that England's Sunken Monkey has developed a loyal local following! Whether or not the group's last release is as good as this one is the question (or at least my question as this release, so far so good, is all that I've jammed out to so far), but either way "Party Scars" comes recommend.

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