Tuesday, August 05, 2014

ArrJam-Session One

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Ladies and gentlemen may I please have your attention. It's that time again in our program when we lay it all down and kick out the jams motherf**kers! And here to give us a helping hand with that assessment is Italy's ArrJam. Formed by bassist Il Daz and guitarist Mauroman and first begging life as a cover band of sorts, with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Robben Ford and Living Color not only getting the royal treatment, but further serving as one set of influences (the other being drummer Moretti Butcher's previous progressive metal roots), this four piece band is rounded out by lead singer Got. As the only singer who could use his voice as an instrument and improvise with bassist Il Daz (with improvisation and jam being key words to focus on when it comes to the fresh sound of these Italian rockers!) Got adds a lot when it comes to the essence of the apt-titled "Session One". Self-produced and featuring a total of twelve- tracks (several of which are instrumental cuts!) ArrJam's debut album was released this past April and just as their name implies this is the sound of one rock band which knows how to let down their hair and just jam! But, even as ArrJam cuts loose and gets knee-deep in the funk they keep everything pretty much in check making "Session One" a fun debut album! The group's early cover choices make up one aspect of the sound here as does the prog. metal roots of drummer Moretti Butcher. That said, "Session One" goes a long way towards making sure that rock and rollers are catered to as there are cherry picked elements of seventies classic rock and good old fashioned hard rock. Besides the singing of Got, which is a keen part of this album's more traditional-styled rock numbers, it's bassist Il Daz that drew me back. His playing is tight and with guitarist Mauroman and drummer Moretti Butcher joining in on the good times this largely-improvised album is impressive and worthy of repeated plays! These Italian's rockers are off to a hot start with "Session One" and from here on out the skies the limits if you ask me!

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