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Part hard rock and part alternative rock, with 90's grunge making a much-appreciated appearance here on "Witchingseason" in order to serve as the well-traveled bridge which connects those two long-lived and long-loved genres together, London trio Witchingseason will finally satisfy the cravings of their fans once this self-titled release hits the scene on or around November 10th. Preceded by the singles "Spiders" (a number that I previously covered here: and "Codeine" ( this four-track EP finds Witchingseason once again tearing down heavy rock's highway with the likes of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Doors,  The Stooges, Queens of the Stoneage, Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr. loudly blaring from the speakers! With guitarist/vocalist Tom Reynolds sounding all the more like Chris Cornell's illegitimate child and the pair of  James R Willans and Wayne Summers (bass and drums respectively) soaking up the sunshine and radiation that is everything hard and heavy from a post-Black Sabbath/post-Nuke 'Em And Let God Sort 'Em Out wasteland this London trio knocks it out the ballpark with the new song "False Light". Meanwhile "Mechanical Failure" is anything but a failure thanks to it's wide-open structure and the overall crafty way that Reynolds, Willans and Summers combine the mid-late eighties alternative rock scene, heavy  garage rock and the likes of Mother Love Bone and King's X into one clever cut! Even "God's Waiting Room" with it's  Bush-like vibe has plenty going for it making "Witchingseason" a gold mine for fans of grunge, nineties hard and heavy rock and the darker side of the alternative rock scene! For more information on this up and coming London rock band be sure to check out any of the links posted below.

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