Tuesday, May 05, 2015

LostPray-That's Why

Pure Steel Records

LostPray is a relatively new metal band that was formed in Istanbul by childhood friends Tufan Çiğdem (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Burak Gündoğdu (lead guitars, backing vocalists). Independently-recorded, "That's Why" is the band's full-length debut album and with LostPray rocking the thin line between hard & heavy and power metal it's easy enough to see why Pure Steel Records approached this young band to begin with! These days bassist Vyacheslav Babienko and drummer Nikolay Dovdopolov round this quartet out and considering the fact that it started off life as a independent studio product and all the 8-track "That's Why" is a remarkably smooth and consistent affair! For a debut album it not only shows this young band's raw talent, but it also points toward this band's full potential! "That's Why" has a run-time of over 41 minutes release and at the end of the day it should easily help LostPray make a name for itself. Recommended for fans of "Black" and "Load"/"Re-Load"-era Metallica, "That's Why" is a stand out release in a day and age when sadly two many new bands just blur together. Hopefully we'll be hearing more from this Turkish band in the near future.

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