Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Tony Tears-Follow The Signs Of The Times

Minotauro Records

It might not be obvious at first, but Minotauro Records has quietly amassed a strong catalog of doom metal releases. Now you can add another one to that note of distinction as "Follow The Signs Of The Times" is arguably one of 2015's better doom metal recordings in addition to being Tony Tear's greatest solo release to date! I realize that's high praise considering just how good Tony Tear's solo career has been up to this point. Even so it's the truth and that judgement call on my part has everything to do with the strength and consistent nature of such delightfully sinful tracks as "Mark Of Evil", "The Road To Research", "Queen of Darkness". and one of this album's better instrumental numbers, "Covenant of the Lords of the End". On instrumental numbers like this one, "Demonic Puppets" and "Deep Misanthropy" Tony  Tears (ex-Zess, Soul of Enoch, ex-Abysmal Grief, ex-Helden Rune, ex-Ignis Fatuus, ex-Kathekon, ex-Lux Obscuritatis) handles everything otherwise he is joined by vocalist David Krieg (Hexenfaust, Neith, Progeria, Toolbox Terror, Soul of Enoch, ex-Hastur, ex-Malignance, ex-Ignis Fatuus, ex-Kathekon, ex-Lux Obscuritatis) and bassist/drummer Regen Graves (Abysmal Grief, ex-Malombra). In addition to Tony's own material there is a Paul Chain cover ("Armageddon") and this album's eerie intro track, "Sighs of Time's Fear", shows how fantastic it can be when you add Dario Argento film scores to Italian doom metal of this caliber! Some are calling "Follow The Signs Of The Times" Tony Tear's HEAVIEST and best-produced release ever (!) and I would be hard pressed to argue with either of those points seeing as Tony's new album is so f**king good! This one most certainly comes with my highest recommendation!

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