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Funeral Marmoori-The Deer Woman

Minotauro Records

Funeral Marmoori is a heavy/progressive doom rock/metal band that hails from Florence, Italy and was formed in 2008 by two members of the Italian doom/stoner/sludge band Gum. Those two musicians would be guitarist/vocalist Giulio Sieni (Gum, ex-Infame, ex-Pistöns) & drummer Fabio Nanni (Gum, Turn Back Time, ex-G.O.E.) and after joining up with bassist Marco Trentanove (Viverna, ex-Sulfur) the band recorded it's first demo. Shortly there after the group added Nadin Petricelli (keyboards, synthesizers) to it's line-up and in 2011 Funeral Marmoori unearthed it's first album, "Volume 1". This soon-to-be released 7-track album (and instant classic in the making!) is the long overdue follow-up to "Volume 1" and (long story short) the group is now rounded out by their 3rd bassist (and so far so good best one to date!), Annalisa Franci. That right there is pretty much all the background information that you need to know other than perhaps the key bit about Nadin Petricelli and her association with the L' Alberno Del Veleno. Alright my friends you can all lower your hands as I know what's coming. Who or what is L' Alberno Del Veleno? Well, it's only a cool little project that does original soundtracks for thriller/horror films. And what exactly does that have to do with Funeral Marmoori? That's a fair enough question so let me explain. If you'd be so kind (and I just know you all are!) try to picture in your mind a heavy (with an emphasis on the HEAVY part!) doom rock/metal band that is influenced by the likes of Paul Chain, Saint Vitus, Cathedral, and Black Sabbath. Got that part down? Yes? Good! Now let's add some 70's Italian progressive rock to the picture. If you're thinking along the lines of Goblin then good for you! When it's all been said and done you'll get a gold star sticker so be sure to hang around until after the presentation! For now though just sit right back down in your seat as we've got one more ingredient to discuss and it's a real doozie! You see when it comes to Nadin you're getting a woman with a background in soundtrack construction. So, not only do you get this (otherwise righteous) doom metal band*, but you have Nadin contributing Farisa organ & Juno synth to the mix! In essence we're talking about a wicked doom metal band that adds seventies-inspired horror soundtrack work to it's already impressive sound! Let that sink in for a second. I know, cool right? But, that's Funeral Marmoori for you. And while I could be playing the time-honored game of "Where have you been all my life?" I'm just going to suggest giving this CD and/or LP** a listen when it does drop. Chances are you won't regret it. I mean really folks you've just got to appreciate what this band brings to the party. It's all at once familiar and fresh. On the forthcoming "The Deer Woman" we have six original compositions from this Italian band as well as a cover of the early Death SS classic "Profanation". Seeing as it (collectively) gels together seamlessly what you ultimately end up with is actual album and not just some kind of random assortment of odds and ends! If only this band was more active then all would be right with the world! That's neither here nor there, but merely an observation. And speaking of observations, guitarist/vocalist Giulio Sieni sounds sort of similar to James Hetfield! It's an odd thing to point out I realize, but it's all the more odd when you actually hear Giulio Sieni singing! It certainly adds another (quirky) distinction to this already appealing album. Is it bad that I'm reminded of James Hetfield in this way? No, not at all. Giulio Sieni is a terrific lead vocalist and he is just one of the many things that I love about this Italian band. With that in mind I want to end this review by saying thanks to my friend Glenn over at Minotauro Records for sending me this promo and kudos to Funeral Marmoori for crafting such a gnarly doom metal release! You've both done me a great service as I now find myself with a new favorite band!

*While I don't explicitly state this in my review above, Funeral Marmoori is made up of four musicians who are easily at the top of their grade. When it comes to laying down ferocious metal you can't ask for better musicians than this! The guitar solos are delightfully sincere and they make reference to classic doom metal bands and the old Italian rock and metal scene of yesteryear. The same can and must be said of Annalisa Franci and her bass playing and I offer nothing but absolute praise as far as this band's "string" section is concerned! Band co-founder Fabio Nanni helps anchors this solid state of heavy rock and metal and his epic beats help add that extra explanation point (!) to what is already some of this year's best doom!!!! If they can keep this line-up together then this Italian four-piece should only get better!

**Yes, "The Deer Woman" will also be available on vinyl thanks to Blood Rock records.

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