Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Good Guy Dies-"Restart" Single


Based in London and comprised of  (absolutely amazing!!!!) lead vocalist Cherry Makej and guitarist extraordinaire Joe Hodgson, Good Guy Dies is a buzz-worthy indie project that has previously been covered here at Heavy Metal Time Machine. For those of you might not remember that special occasion (and it really was a special time seeing as it served as my first introduction to this up-and-coming/must-hear electronic rock duo!) then let's play catch-up before we drive on forward. Once upon a time I covered this band's (domestic abuse awareness) single, "Hit Me Back" and I thoroughly enjoyed not only the positive message of the track, but the way in which it mixed together the best parts of classic rock, electronica, and punk-pop! That thought-provoking single was a slam dunk moment for the pair of Cherry and Joe and it showed just how far you can get when you work hard and are dedicated to the to the task at hand! It was all at once enlightening and energetic and for Good Guy Dies a smash hit in the making like "Hit Me Back" should have been the perfect launching pad to finally get this (deserving) dynamite duo from point B to point A (with point B serving as the group's initial formation back in 2012 and point A representing wide-spread praise and admiration!). For whatever reason that didn't happen so the logical question is where do you go from here if you are Good Guy Dies? The answer seems simple enough. You head back to the studio and get hard at work on a proper follow-up. And that is where "Restart" comes into play. In some ways "Restart" is just like "Hit Me Back" in that it combines large amounts of classic rock and electronic rock with tiny flakes of punk-pop. It is also lyrically-deep and thought-provoking and just like it's 2014 precursor this image-rich single is dripping with passion. The raw emotion on display here is right in line with where "Hit Me Back" left off.  Even so these two singles are like night and day. Whereas "Hit Me Back" was powerful and got right in your face with a positive message this forthcoming single is much more angry and confrontational. For "Restart" lead vocalist Cherry Makej and guitarist Joe Hodgson added industrial rock elements to the studio mix as well as some slight instances that could be construed as alternative rock. While it still sounds like Good Guy Dies it is a bit more temperamental and it comes across as edgy. But then again so is the video for "Restart"! You can check that out below this article and you can find Good Guy Dies online here.With a scheduled release date of September 28th, "Restart" goes a long way towards showing the full-extent of this duo's talent and just how all-encompassing their music can be. They may have been absent for way too long (again, it was almost a full year in-between the sweet "Hit Me Back" and the equally awesome "Restart"!), but Good Guy Dies is back all the same. And I for one couldn't be happier!!!!

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