Friday, September 11, 2015

Fake Healer-Two Worlds


Just formed last year out of the ashes of Dust Devil*, Fake Healer is a new five-piece band from Florence, Italy and the self-produced "Two Worlds" is their full-length debut album. With eight tracks in all and a run-time that is over the 38 minute mark, "Two Worlds" was recorded at FP Studio Recording between December 2014 and March 2015 before seeing a official release this past July. Thanks to the kind consideration of Fake Healer member Leonardo Taiti (rhythm guitar) this new CD sits comfortably next to me and I've found myself deep in thought (or rather extremely happy!) as to the current state of Italian metal. With more and more (excessively talented) traditional/classic heavy metal bands like Fake Healer coming down the pipeline it certainly seems as if Italy is in no real danger when it comes to the horrible thought of heavy metal up and disappearing from said country. As the band is lead by none other than Alessio Taiti (Frozen Tears' one-time front-man and a all-around great singer!) and rounded out by musicians with ties to not only Frozen Tears and Dust Devil, but Juglans Regia and Dragonia (!) a group like Fake Healer obviously had a lot going for it even before they set foot into a studio. Unrealistic fan expectations alone could have easily derailed this five-piece metal act, but I'm here to tell you how satisfactory this album is in regards to (modern day) traditional heavy metal. This band's lead singer alone gives Fake Healer a leg up on the competition and yet that is just one piece of equation when it comes to the praise-worthy "Two Words"! How about killer influences like Iron Maiden and Dio? Or maybe some hard rock and eighties metal is in order? Perhaps a slick combination of all of the above is just what we need to keep things moving along? Yes, that's the ticket! Fake Healer's "Two Worlds" magically gathers together all these special elements (N.W.O.B.H.M., eighties metal, classic hard rock, traditional heavy metal, and much more!) and then packs it up with a nifty booklet with pictures and lyrics. The overall package is one that should put a nice smile on the faces of heavy metal fans both old and young alike. For more information on Fake Healer be sure to head over to their Facebook page and to hear this one for yourself click here.

*Dust Devil was more a less a side-project of Frozen Tears that released one EP in 2013 entitled "Riled Up". The band featured four former members of Frozen Tears (lead guitarist Lapo Torrini, rhythm guitarist Leonardo Taiti, bassist Massimiliano Dionigi, and drummer Giovanni Guarnieri) and was fronted by ex-Electric Fluid vocalist Leonardo Romeo. But whereas Frozen Tears was a traditional/European-style power metal band (and a well-known one at that!) the group Dust Devil played N.W.O.B.H.M.-influenced classic metal. Now featuring not only rhythm guitarist Leonardo Taiti and bassist Massimiliano Dionigi, but one other member with ties to Dust Devil (lead guitarist Simone Cocco who is also a former member of Juglans Regia ), Florence, Italy's Fake Healer is (none too surprisingly!) like Dust Devil in that they take cues from traditional heavy metal bands of the eighties as well as the N.W.O.B.H.M. scene.

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