Monday, September 07, 2015

Ancient Spell-Forever In Hell

Minotauro Records

Tentatively scheduled for release tomorrow(!), "Forever In Hell" is Ancient Spell's sophomore album and the band's first studio recording on a actual record label. It serves as the follow-up to 2013's independently-released "Ancient Spell" and (seemingly) marks the arrival of a new lead vocalist in Donnie Marhefka*.  Also there are seven tracks in all on "Forever In Hell" .OK, I think that covers it. Unless I'm forgetting something? Well, I did forget to mention that this Los Angeles-based band was formed in August of 2012 and that Ancient Spell is made up of local musicians. Other than that little bit of information I believe we are good as gold. Still, I can't help but feel as if I'm missing one key piece of information. Let me dwell of this for a moment. Hmmmmm. Oh, now I remember what it was I wanted to talk about. In addition to being one of Minotauro Records best signings to date, "Forever In Hell" answers one of life's greatest mysteries. We've all wondered about it and FINALLY it's been answered! And that of course is "What would it have sounded like if Chuck Schuldiner's Death was more or less a (Black Sabbath as influenced by Solitude Aeturnus!) doom metal/death thrash band and said band was then filled out by members of Slayer?"! Now I know what you're thinking because I'm thinking the exact same thing. First, "Why did it take so long for this to come to fruition?" and then second "Is it every bit as awesome as we all dreamed it would be?". While I can't answer that first one the second part is easy enough. Yes, "Forever In Hell" is as FUCKING AWESOME as hoped for and as a follow-up to that question, yes, I did have wonderful heavy metal wet dreams the night after I all but destroyed my car's CD player (and by extension the car's speakers!!!!) by BLASTING this sucker on the freeway! "Forever In Hell"** is this generations' "Reign In Blood" and NO(!), that is not a comment that I use lightly! This beast of a release has everything going for it and that means A) It's a damn fine collection of songs that are well-structured and tech-savvy B) The musicians involved with "Forever In Hell" are all top-tier C) "Forever In Hell" features a perfect production where everything shines and D) The combination of traditional heavy metal, death thrash and doom metal on display here is arguably one of the best I've ever heard! What more is there to be said? Nothing really (I mean other than head here to buy this instant classic!). For more information of this L.A. doom/death thrash band (such as where you can and should catch them live!) be sure to head on over to the group's Facebook page. Otherwise enjoy the ride and always remember to keep it loud and proud by friends!

* Per the Metal Archives, Ancient Spell's self-titled debut featured a line-up of:
Conrad Viz-vocals/guitars
Jeff Clark-bass
Norm Rodriguez -drums

These days the line-up is:
Donnie Marhefka-lead vocals
Conrad Viz-guitar/vocals

Dan Rado-guitar
Jeff Clark-bass

Rob Thompson-drums

**I'm not sure where to add this so I'll just add it here. Besides the likes of Death, Slayer and those doom references (the whole Black Sabbath as influenced by Solitude Aeturnus part!) this awesome L.A. band takes special cues from a whole host of crazy characters! These influences (both listed on their Facebook page and actually head from listening to this bad ass CD!) include the likes of Saint Vitus, Candlemass, The Sword, C.O.C., (early) Exodus, Cloven Hoof, Venom, Possessed, Black Label Society, Metallica (up to and including "Master Of Puppets"), Forbidden, Pentagram, Eyehategod, Vio-lence, Pantera, Down, Toxik, Pestilence, (early) Death Angel and Lamb of God. Obviously that is a hell of a list, but then again this is one hell of a band!



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