Sunday, September 06, 2015

Conveyer-When Given Time To Grow

Victory Records

Just released this past Friday and already the talk of the neighborhood(!), "When Given Time To Grow" is the latest hard-hitting release from the five-man wrecking crew known as Conveyer. This full-length recording serves as the natural follow-up to 2013's "Worn Out" and with this powerful performance the band makes it's official debut on Victory Records. For the spiritually-minded/emotionally-deep Conveyer it's a clear cut case of divine intervention as this relationship between band and label is a match made in Heaven (no pun intended!). I mean seeing as Conveyer is hardcore to the bone and what not!! OK, technically speaking this is melodic hardcore and really strong melodic hardcore at that. But with that said, Conveyer hit hard and they hit fast. They're also incredibly aggressive and more than a little capable of throwing out razor sharp leads. In other words these guys know how to utilize the almighty riff so there is more than enough here to please our metalhead readers! As for the who, what, and when of this cool band? Let's tackle that next. Formed in 2011, with their debut EP, "Empty Handed" seeing the light of day later on in that same year, Conveyer is based in Minneapolis, MN and comprised of Danny Adams (vox), Ty Brooks (guitar), Nick Matako (guitar), Ben Greene (bass), and Daniel Glover (drums). Since day one this band has had a D.I.Y. approach to life and everything that they have achieved so far they have had to fight tooth and nail for! Obviously the hard work has paid off. The appropriately-titled "When Given Time To Grow" is proof of that! For melodic hardcore fans this one seems like a no-brainer. From the killer voice of  Danny Adams to the slamming guitars this release has it all! There's no question you should jump on this album if you're in that crowd. For everyone else? Well, like I said there is a lot of strength on display with this one. You can feel the power of Conveyer rage through your speakers and it is nothing if not absolutely AWESOME! It's a fierce battle as to which is better-the gripping message at the heart of the band's lyrics or the way in which this band throws down the beat! Either way it's a think to beyond....

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