Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bootlegs-Ekki Fyrir Viðkvæma

Minotauro Records

"Ekki Fyrir Viðkvæma" (Not for the sensitive) is the third full-length release for Iceland's Bootlegs. Chronologically it follows a 2007 live CD (the cheekily-titled "Live" which was actually recorded way back in 1998!) while also serving as Bootlegs first batch of new studio material in 25 years! The band's last studio album was "Bootlegs" and that came out in 1990! As I had previously covered the 2014 re-released version of not only "Bootlegs", but also the group's 1989 debut album, "W.C. Monster" I was eager to see how new Bootlegs material would hold up next to the older stuff. I'm happy to report that it sounds great and for all of you who loved this band's early crossover/thrash style I think you will be pleasantly surprised by just how well this band has aged! On Bootlegs latest release (which was incidentally recorded at Stúdió Óskars og Jóns) we have a line-up featuring guitarist/vocalists Jón Símonarsson (Junior), guitarist/vocalist Jón Örn Sigurðsson (Nonni), bassist Ingimundur Ellert Þorkellsson (Elli), and drummer Kristján Ásvaldsson (Stjuni). Having now been active since 2012 or so the current version of Bootlegs seemingly picks up where things left off with 1990's "Bootlegs" with the only slight difference between then and now likely taking place in the lyrical department. One could easily make the argument that this laid-back Icelandic metal band (having now "matured") is better suited to write deeper & more socially-conscious material. It's just a naturally progression especially seeing as "Ekki Fyrir Viðkvæma" plays like it's more grounded and serious. But then again there are only a couple of tracks here in English so maybe it's all in my head? Whatever the case might be, "Ekki Fyrir Viðkvæma" is nothing if not (groovy!) fresh thrash and it cruises effortlessly along with companions like (crunchy) hard rock, straight-up METAL, and old school crossover* riding shotgun! The songs on studio album number three for the Bootlegs lads are actually catchy and these four guys have the whole hooks that kill angle down pat! Frankly-speaking I can't think of a single reason not to snag and bag the latest Bootlegs release and as far as come-back albums go this one gets the golden star of appreciation! It's been a long time that fans have had to wait for these Icelandic warriors to release fresh material, but the wait has resulted in a real bang 'em/slam 'em kind of LP. Available as a digital download from the last link posted above, "Ekki Fyrir Viðkvæma" can also be picked up on CD by heading over to following page in Minotauro Records' store (and that would be right here ladies and gents!). You can also find Bootlegs online by visiting the band here at their Facebook page and I really should mention the fact that Minotauro Records offers a nifty bundle package with all three studio albums from this Icelandic metal band. If you are new to this thrash band that might be the best route to take and it does seem to be rather reasonable at just over forty two dollars.
*For the kids out there who are not enough to remember what that term used to truly mean we're talking about snarly punk, street-legit hardcore, garage heavy metal and raw underground thrash that has been smashed & bashed together with super glue and duct tape being the only things that are keeping it from falling apart

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