Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Jacobs Moor-All That Starts

Bleedingstar Records

Self-produced by the band members themselves, "All That Starts" is the full-length debut album from Austrian metal act Jacobs Moor. Founded in 2010 by Richard Krenmaier (Speed Limit, ex-Stygma IV, ex-Surrender, ex-Big Heat, Della Street), Johnny Sommerer and Rainer Lidauer (ex-Far Beyond Innocence, ex-Marcin Suder), with both the studio line-up for "All That Starts" and the live line-up of this Vienna-based act listed below*, Jacobs Moor is another relatively new band whose sound and style covers many different genres. Influenced by the likes of Machine Head, Devil Driver, Leprous, Slayer, Testament, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Pantera and Lamb Of God and being the benefactors of lead singer Richard Krenmaier's all encompassing voice this Austrian stretches modern metal and progressive/melodic power /thrash metal into all kinds of unusual shapes! As dark and oppressive as the music might be at times (and also as gloomy as the band members themselves intended the art-work above to convey!) it's also strangely illuminating making "All That Starts" a record well-worth visiting from time to time. Available pretty much wherever fine music is to be found these days ( iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc), "All That Starts" is a fine start for Jacobs Moor. Especially seeing as it does the band members and the metal community as a whole proud by offering up another much-needed soundtrack for this crumbling world for which we are all to blame...

 * Jacobs Moor's studio line-up included:
   Richard Krenmaier-vocals
   Johnny Sommerer-guitars, bass (except "Faceless Man") and cellos
   Rainer Lidauer-drums

  Along with the following guests:
  Werner Taus-bass on "Faceless Man"
  Günther Maier-2nd guitar solo on "Final Sound"

  Meanwhile the live band features:
  Richard Krenmaier-vocals 
  Johannes Pichler-guitars 
  Rupert Träxler-guitars 
  Stephan Först-bass 
  Rainer Lidauer-drums

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