Monday, February 01, 2016

Rhine-An Outsider


Formed in 2011 and originally going by the moniker of Perfect Harmony, Rhine is a Seattle, Washington-based progressive metal/death metal band with two album's to it's name. The forthcoming "An Outsider" serves as the proper follow-up to the group's 2014 album, "Duality", and just like it's predecessor this recording is more or less a solo project of Gabriel Tachell.  In addition to handling all of the vocals*, guitars & bass parts and this disc's programming duties, "An Outsider" was written, produced and mixed by Gabriel Tachell! Drums were provided by Sean Lang, but otherwise this is all based around the talent of Gabriel Tachell and his skill-level is never in question on Rhine's latest!! With influences that range from Porcupine Tree to Opeth (along with the likes of Devin Townsend, Enslaved, Edge of Sanity, Between the Buried and Me, Hypocrisy, Ulver, Borknagar,  Bloodbath, Gorguts, Gojira, Carcass, Arcturus, Ahab, Mastodon, UneXpect, Satyricon, Meshuggah, Sleepytime, and Gorilla Museum!) this Seattle-based band obviously draws it's sound & style from a wide range of sources! Even so it's hard to pin-point any one act that definitively sounds like Rhine on this well-crafted disc. Best-aimed at those who love extreme metal with progressive tendencies, "An Outsider" is a release that should bring Rhine new fans and label interest. In other words, "An Outsider" is one album that will be on (heavy) rotation in the weeks to come!

*Gabriel Tachell (who actually provided the artwork for this full-length feature!) has a really great set of lungs as evident on "An Outsider". Rhine's founder and main driving force easily moves between (highly-effective) clean singing and death-like grows on this forthcoming album and his voice adds an additional layer to what is already a multi-layered release!!

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