Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hexenjäger-Black Titan


Previously covered in one of my "French Metal Friday" features, Hexenjäger (which incidentally is German for "witch hunter") is a four-piece doom/stoner rock band that hails from Saint-Nazaire and has been active since 2009. The recently-released "Black Titan", which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Antoine Gonzalez at L'Atelier Studio in Vensac, Gironde in July of 2015, is Hexenjäger's full-length debut album and (frankly speaking ladies and gents!) it's a real banger! It follows the quartet's 2-track demo from late March of last year and finds this top-tier French collective making great strides in regards to improved song writing/song structures and overall (individual) performances. For band-mates Charly (vocals), Charles (guitars), Flo (bass), and Ben (drums) this all-imposing/towering record is as huge as this band's potential! Granted there are only four songs on "Black Titan", but when the title track alone clocks in at over 19 minutes(!) it's all golden! Is "Black Titan" the one event in Hexenjäger's time-line that helps usher in this French band's inevitably rise towards world-wide fortune and glory? Well, it's either that or record label' PR folks might actually snap their puny little necks as they whirl around and go "What's that groovy as fuck noise?"! One or the other is bound to happen so you'd be well-advised to keep an eye out for the further adventures of this doom-laden stoner rock band! 

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