Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dungeon Wolf-Slavery Or Steel


Dungeon Wolf is a brand new project from one of the hardest working men in all of heavy metal, vocalist/guitarist Deryck Heignum (ex-Stormlurker member who is otherwise known as Norse Law). The every so cool artwork above, which comes courtesy of Joel Sanchez Rosales and does a bang-up job of representing the epic metal storm that awaits the listener, depicts Dungeon Wolf's founder and front-man as the "Supreme Master of Metal and the Universe" that he is! Skillfully-engineered by Dungeon Wolf' bass player (and fellow Stormlurker' band mate) Stan Martell, "Slavery Or Steel" serves as the full-length debut album for this impressive three-piece band. Ex-Stormlurker' drummer Austin Lane rounds things out this metallic trio. Speaking of all things metallic, Dungeon Wolf's debut combines elements of epic metal, power metal, progressive metal, speed metal, technical metal, and traditional heavy metal. The highly-memorable "Hidden Dreams" opens the band's first album up in style. Not only does it show off the amazing guitar skills of Dungeon Wolf's founder, but his ever-evolving vocal delivery. High-pitched vocals come as a pleasant surprise from this muscular metal maniac. They work well when stacked up against high-classic U.S. power metal. Of course there are still plenty of heavy & harsh vocal lines to be found on this eight song album. Thanks to the versatile nature of this tech-savvy trio, "Slavery Or Steel" offers up the perfect mixture of melody and full-throttle metal. As this is the same line-up that was responsible for Stormlurker's "A Dark Formation", chemistry is at an all-time high (line-up wise). All three members of Dungeon Wolf excel when it comes to the album's overall performances. These are top-tier musicians playing top-shelf epic/power metal. The individual songs show passion and dedication to the holy grail that is heavy metal and each track offers something new and exciting. With splendid lyrics and a fantastic vibe(!), "Slavery Or Steel" is the cream of the crop as far as new metal offerings are concerned! Kudos to everyone involved with Dungeon Wolf's Grade A debut.

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