Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Device-Good Things Never Last


Device was a hard & heavy rock/heavy metal band from Canada that was active from 2009-2017. The aptly-titled "Good Things Never Last" was Device's second full-length album and their last. It opens up with a CCR meets AC/DC rocker entitled "The Anointed Ones" and only gets better from there! In addition to seven original compositions (all of which are fairly righteous in their own right!), Device covers the Rainbow song "Starstruck" on this 35 minute plus album. It's a good cover choice as it pairs perfectly with this group's old school-take on hard rock and (straight/no-chaser) heavy metal. Lead into battle by vocalist/guitarist Marc Leblanc, Device's influences seemed to range from Accept to Metallica (by way of Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Judas Priest, etc.). Rounded out by guitarist Lloyd Agar and drummer Kyle Harcott, Canada's Device were not breaking new ground with their music, but dammit man(!), did they ever make you want to get on up and get down with some of their bass ass boogie rock! If your taste in music runs from AC/DC to Zoetrope, this eight-track album should bring a wide smile to your face. Device might be no more, but thank the gods of rock and roll and fist-bangin' heavy metal that they left an album like this one behind!

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