Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Children of the Reptile-The End


Children of the Reptile is a U.S. traditional heavy metal/epic metal band that has been active since 2009. Lead by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Ozzie Darden (ex-Death Machine Weapons, ex-The Disasters), this four-piece band is based in Wilmington, North Carolina and has two EPs and two full-length albums to it's name. Released in late-January of this year, the nine-track "The End" is the second full-length release from Children of the Reptile. It serves as the follow-up to 2016's well-received "The Four Weapons EP" and finds this U.S. metal band sounding better than ever! As with the group's last EP, "The End" features damn catchy material that should please not only long-time fans of the group, but anyone that appreciates true heavy metal. If your personal CD collection includes everything from Megadeth and Metallica to Thin Lizzy, Dio, solo-Ozzy, Manilla Road, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest then you are going to dig this outfit. You simply cannot go wrong when you mix Ozzie's tremendous vocal delivery with blazing guitar solo and the one-two punch that is this album's rhythm section! Having made their debut in 2012 with a 3-song EP, Children of the Reptile has grown into one of the most dependable metal bands out there. There is no reason why this band shouldn't be in your personal music collection and I have no idea why they are still unsigned! Just like the group's last studio album, "The End" is a A+ release in a day and age when far too many bands are just going through the motions.

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