Monday, March 05, 2018

Free Metal Morning: Mournful Cries-They Horror Come


Mournful Cries is a doom metal/heavy metal band from Santa Rosa, California. The group is lead by vocalist/guitarist Luis Olguin (Sepulchre) and includes the rhythm section of bassist Matt Lasserre (Scrape the Earth) and drummer Alex Hernandez. Preceded in life by the 2017 demo "Budlust/Evil Confessor",   "They Horror Come" is the group's latest release. It includes two song ("Hallowed Tomb" and "Witches Herbs") that are A: Heavy & hard on the doom metal side of things and B: Heavy & harsh on the (slightly-fuzzed over) heavy metal aspect of this trio. While the vocals are a bit hit or miss (you'll either like them or loathe them), "They Horror Come" is (music-wise) incredibly solid. Available to download for free by clicking here, this two-song release clocks in at nearly twenty minutes! Can you say epic doom/heavy metal!!!!

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