Monday, April 16, 2018

Killing Tyranny-Church Of The Twisted Prophet

Twisted Prophet

Killing Tyranny is a socially-conscious/politically-inclined heavy metal/power metal band from California that is fronted by George Gregory (ex-Outraged, ex-Ironworks). Active since 2013, this San Diego-based outfit's first appearance on Heavy Metal Time Machine was way back in early June of 2015. Having covered the band's absolutely-stellar album "Martyr", "Church Of The Twisted Prophet" showed up in my mail with high expectations. Once the disc's opener kicked in ("The New Covenant") I knew that it was all good and that everything was right where it should be when it came to this five-piece band. Once more taking their cues from traditional heavy metal (Judas Priest, Armored Saint, Halloween, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, etc.), power metal/thrash (Annihilator, Defiance, Helloween, Lääz Rockit, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Toxik, etc.), and extreme/groove metal (Pantera and to a lesser extent Exhorder), Killing Tyranny has crafted their own masterpiece! Everything that was great about "Martyr" (the strong song-writing, expert- performances, perfect-production, etc.) is on full-display here. Only this time around it's even better! Thanks to incredibly tight performances, intelligent lyrics, and George Gregory's great set of pipes, "Church Of The Twisted Prophet" not only picks up where "Martyr", but it improves upon perfection!! Overall the lead solos are better and so is the rhythm section. Lyrically-speaking, Killing Tyranny has matured a lot in the three years between albums. And those vocals of George Gregory? Last time around I said that he sounded like the "long-lost step-cousin of James Hetfield". On "Church Of The Twisted Prophet" Gregory has grown as a vocalist. Slowly but surely he has developed his own sound and this time around it is something special! There is nothing better than an incredible front-man just doing his thing! Especially when said front-man is backed-up by one monster of a metal band!! Now in their fifth year together, U.S. heavy/power metal band Killing Tyranny is no long the up-and-coming metal band that I previously covered. Here in 2018 this (tech-savvy!) bashing & thrashing metal group has the feel of a long-lived veteran outfit. This California band is as good as it gets and it is long-past time that the rest of the world acknowledges that! Available on CD and in digital format, "Church Of The Twisted Prophet" was a long-time coming, but the wait for so worth it!! As with their 2015 album "Martyr", this incredible CD will find me shouting from the rooftops about how amazing Killing Tyranny really is!  You'll want to have this CD handy for when some young kid walks up to you and asks "What is metal all about?"!!!

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