Thursday, August 11, 2005

1982 hard rock/metal awards

This was a very good year for hard rock/metal with the NWOBHM reaching or nearing it's peak plus even a little life from the American scene with debuts from Motley Crue and Twisted Sister. I think a great deal of this year as my favorite albums from Maiden, Priest, the Scorpions, Motley Crue and Venom all came out in 1982.

Top 10 hard rock/ metal albums

1)Iron Maiden-The number of the beast
One of the most perfect metal albums ever made.
2)Judas Priest- Screaming for vengeance
Judas Priest hit their peak.
3)Motorhead- Iron Fist
Unfortunately the last album with Eddie Clark.
4)Scorpions- Blackout
The Scorps continue their run of solid albums.
5)Motley Crue- Too fast for love
It's simple, but I love the raw sound and the vocals.
6)Venom-Black Metal
They still are not quite in control of their instruments, but they do fast and heavy.
7) Rush- Signals
They begin to adopt a lighter sound, but still fairly sharp.
8)Van Halen- Diver Down
Probably the weakest of the DLR albums and it does have way too many cover songs. However, it has some cool songs as well and just being a Roth era album earns it a spot in my top ten.
9) Kiss- Creatures of the night
Kiss bounce back after earning my Golden Turd award for 80 and 81. This was a good, solid almost fun hard rock album. It's just a shame they didn't do more like it in the 80's.
10) Twisted Sister-Under the blade
It's very simple yet to the point. They just edge out Raven, Tank and Hanoi Rocks for the 10 spot.

Best album covers
1) Iron Maiden-The Number of the beast
2) Black Sabbath- Live Evil
3)Judas Priest- Screaming for vengeance
4) Manowar- Battle Hymns
5) Kiss- Creatures of the night

Worst album cover
Van Halen- Diver Down

Golden Turd
Ted Nugent- Nugent
I do hate to give the award to the Nuge, but this album is just completely weak and so surprisingly lame. It also comes after a string of six good to great studio albums, a good live album and a truly great double live album. Unfortunately he has yet to do an album as good as the ones he did between 75-80.


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