Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No candy corn hangover

It's been over a week since my last post mainly due to being busy at work and in getting ready for Halloween. By getting ready for Halloween I mean putting up decorations and watching more horror movies than normal. Before I had a child, my big Halloween fun normally revolved around eating candy corn until I got sick and watching horror movies until my eyes could no longer take it. Now I have a child so they get to go trick or treating and seeing her reactions is far more enjoyable than horror movie. Not to say that I still don't watch more than my share of horror movies during the week. It's still more than ever my favorite holiday as it still has that magical quality about it that no other holiday quite has. I am afraid I didn't get to do a lot of heavy metal related activities yesterday because I mainly spent the afternoon catching up on chores with my wife and in the evening we went trick or treating. I have started to write a post about the topic of how many original members does a band need to keep using a name. Hopefully I will have that finished and posted tomorrow or the next day. I also have another review of a 1985 album coming up and I have actually listened to the album already so I just need to write up the review.


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