Saturday, January 28, 2006

Laaz Rockit- Know your enemy

This LA band recently reformed after playing at a benefit concert not too long ago. I am not sure if they plan on recording anytime soon, but they have played a few shows. This is a review of their third album which came out in 1987. It was probably their most successful album and it marked a change in style for them. These guys released albums in 84 and 85 and although they had a few fast songs, they were much more a mid-paced metal band like Saxon or Armored Saint. They did open for Exciter and Motorhead in 85 so they saw the growing speed metal scene first hand. In 1987 they had signed to Enigma and decided make the change to being a speed metal band probably due to the fact that speed metal had become very hot in between 85 and 87. So they dropped their semi-flashy costumes started wearing t-shirts and jeans and they sped up their sound. They also added a mascot who appears on this cover and all of their following albums. Never heard his name, but he seems to be a mercenary with a skunk stripe in his hair. A lot of their songs seem to take on a war theme as well to go along with the band name and the mascot. Their music isn't completely removed from their previous two efforts, but they had enough chunky riffs to raise up to the level of speed metal. At times they take are very simple and repetitive as with Last Breath, Shot to hell and Shit's Ugly (no, I am not making this alst one up). However other songs like Most Dangerous Game and I'm Electric show the band's ability combine speed with some good paces changes thrown in as well. Laaz Rockit did gain more a little success after their shift to being a speed metal band, but they never made it to the level of say Overkill or Exodus let alone the big names like Anthrax and Slayer. This is an enjoyable album and maybe almost as good as I remember it back in 1987.

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Blogger whtfucover said...

BNest song by them is "Leatherface" They were really good, but alas, they were victims of the time.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

They had a couple of albums on a major label so they did more than a lot of bands during the time.

7:47 PM  

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