Monday, March 20, 2006

Lunchtime round two

Okay, by semi-popular demand here is another round of Lunchtime. There are two (or three in the bonuses) metal people and you just pick which one you would rather have lunch with. The living are as they are today and the deceased are as they were a few months before their death. There are ten match-ups plus two bonus triple threats which means there are three choices and you choose one of them.

1)Ace Frehley or Ted Nugent
2)Stephen Pearcy or Dee Snider
3)Angus Young or Paul Stanley
4)Tony Iommi or Ritchie Blackmore
5)Steve Harris or Glenn Tipton
6)Cliff Burton or Diamond Darrell
7)Sebastian Bach or Bret Michaels
8)Lita Ford or Joan Jett
9)Geddy Lee or Steven Tyler
10)Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy Page

***Bonus triple threat
Slash or CC Deville or Nikki Sixx
***Extra Bonus triple threat
Sammy Hagar or David Coverdale or Joe Elliot

My choices are:
1)Ace. I might pick the Nuge if he promised not to talk about politics, but I don't see that happening.
2)Dee. He went to court to defend metal lyrics while Stephen Pearcy went to court to try and get the rights to the name Ratt.
3)Angus. It actually is a tough choice, but I am more a fan of his band.
4)Iommi. Both were known as being not the friendliest sorts at times and Tony did set his bass player on fire once, but I think he has mellowed since then.
5)Harris. He is my favorite bass player and next to Lemmy probably the person in metal that I respect the most.
6)Cliff. He died before he hit his peak. Then again he didn't have to be a part of the black album.
7)Sebastian. Both sound like alright guys, but I have always thought Bach had more attitude and was more of a fan of the music.
8)Joan Jett. I think I would get sick seeing Lita Ford.
9)Geddy. I like Aerosmith, but I love Rush. He is also another bass idol of mine.
10)Eddie. Tough choice and I am sure he looks rough with what he has been through, but hey it's Eddie.

Slash. I think CC would get us into trouble and Motley Crue's stories are already known.

David Coverdale. Not a huge Whitesnake fan, but I liked Slide it in and the albums he did with Deep Purple.

So who do you pick?


Blogger Bar Bar A said...

Oh good, this is fun...glad you are doing it again. This one is much more more difficult, many "toss ups"!

1) Ted, just cause I saw him front row one time and it was very fun.

2) Dee for sure for the same reason as you chose him!

3) Paul
4) Ritchie
5) Steve
6) Cliff
7) what a toss up...uh, Sebastian
8) Joan, love her!
9) dang, can't I have both? Ok, Steven - I've loved him forever even though I think Geddy is more talented
10) This is not fair! I choose

Eddie because he seems more down to earth and easy to talk to.

Nikki cause he's hot and I think he's settled down a bit.

David or Sammy....def. not Joe. Ok, Sammy, we'd talk about his solo days

9:31 PM  
Blogger Layla said...

P.S. I haven't posted on Layla's Classic Rock faves lately so I left a post there for my millions of readers to stop by and check you out (Ok, hundreds. I get a lot of hits but very few comments!)

See ya,
Bar Bar a/Layla

9:35 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Thanks for stopping by and your comment!
I love metal but being a mom has fried my brain a bit and I can't think of who all these guys are. From the ones I know, I pick:
7. Sebastian
8. Lita
9. Steven
10. Jimmy
Bonus would be Slash!
BTW, nice to see someone else from Maryland! It is where I am from. Lived there all my life until recently when the Navy moved us to Rotten Groten, CT.

5:08 AM  
Blogger Ben Heller said...

1)Ace Frehley or Ted Nugent.
Ace because I've hated Ted ever since I saw him on Cribs.
2)Stephen Pearcy or Dee Snider. Dee
3)Angus Young or Paul Stanley.
Angus. He makes me smile
4)Tony Iommi or Ritchie Blackmore
Tony. I know he's old
5)Steve Harris or Glenn Tipton
6)Cliff Burton or Diamond Darrell
7)Sebastian Bach or Bret Michaels
8)Lita Ford or Joan Jett
Joan Jett
9)Geddy Lee or Steven Tyler
Geddy Lee, anyone from Rush
10)Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page. Just

***Bonus triple threat
Slash or CC Deville or Nikki Sixx
***Extra Bonus triple threat
Sammy Hagar or David Coverdale or Joe Elliot
Joe Elliot

5:25 AM  
Blogger FredCQ said...

1. Ace - For one, he was my childhood idol and two, I'm a vegetarian and the Nuge would want to go to a steak place.

2. Dee - Twister Sister were a much better and more interesting band than Ratt in my opinion.

3. This is a tough one, Kiss were one of my favorite bands but Paul doesn't seem like someone who is too fun to hang out with. Angus it is.

4. Tony Iommi - I'd rather hang with the riffmaster of doom any day.

5. Steve Harris - Steve's playing inpsired me to pick up the bass and I'm way more into Maiden than priest. I wouldn't even bring up the Blaze era. I promise.

6. This is a tough one too. Both of these guys liked to party and were reputed to be really cool guys. Let's go with Cliff.

7. Um..I'm busy that day.

8. Hmmm...I would say Lita since she is hotter.

9. Geddy Lee. Geddy is the man although, he would probably get annoyed with me bending his ear about what a big Rush fan I am.

10. I would dodge Eddies phone calls, make plans with Jimmy and not show up. All the while, I would be having beers and smoking cigarettes with Frank Zappa across town, laughing at both of them.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Strutter71 said...

1. Ace. That would be a real strange conversation.

2. Dee. Seems real down to earth.

3. Paul. No surprise that I pick all the KISS guys.

4. Iommi.

5. Ummm...doesn't matter. No preference.

6. Darrell.

7. Sebastian.

8. Joan.

9. Tyler. I never cared for Rush.

10. Eddie.

BONUS- Slash. CC & Nikki are both bozos.

EXTRA- Sammy. I still prefer the Roth-ear Van Halen by a mile, but Sammy's OK.

5:49 AM  
Blogger Bruce said...

1)Ted Nugent- Ya gotta love Uncle Ted. Even though I don't agree with his politics, it would definitely be a lively lunch(he'd probably kill ther animal himself, lol)
2)Dee Snider- Dee is no dummy. He has a lot to say, and I wanna hear about it.
3)Angus Young- Please...this one is no contest.
4)Tony Iommi- as much as I like Blackmore, there're always more Ozzy stories out there...
5)Glenn Tipton- I'd like to find out just what went through his head when Priest was on trial several years ago.
6)Cliff Burton- I would've liked to know more about Metallica's early days.
7)Sebastian Bach- I think he has the second best voice in r & r(behind Geoff Tate), plus I just don't want to hear Brett brag about shagging Pamela.
8)Lita Ford- this one is easy; I had a huge crush on Lita back in the day.
9)Geddy Lee- another no doubter here. I'm a HUGE Rush fan(as if that's any surprise)
10)Jimmy Page- one of the greatest of all time; how could I not choose him?

***Bonus triple threat
Slash- just because
***Extra Bonus triple threat
Joe Elliot- see above

6:23 AM  
Blogger Ranea said...

1)Ted - At least you know the meats fresh.
3)Paul- If he'd wear the boots!
6)Cliff- If his neck didn't hurt to bad.
7)Can't decide - They are both hot!
8)Joan Jett - I love R & R.
9)Steven Tyler - Just to see the amount of food that mouth can hold.
10)Eddie - Hands down
Bonus* Slash- To see how he eats with all that hair
Extra Bonus* Sammy - If he brings along some of his Tequila.

7:38 AM  
Blogger The Phoenix said...

1. Ted - maybe he could teach me some bow hunting skills
2. Dee
3. Paul
7. Sebastian
8. Joan Jett
9. Steven Tyler
10. Eddie

8:48 AM  
Blogger bob_vinyl said...

1)Ace - I'm a vegetarian and a liberal, so the Nuge and I would just argue which makes for a bad lunch.
2)Dee Snider - We could sit around and complain about censorship.
3)Angus Young - Maybe he could explain to me how bad bands are really successful and then I could use my own negligible guitar skills to become a rock star.
4)Ritchie Blackmore - Tony might put a spell on me.
5)Steve Harris - Is there really a choice?
6)Cliff Burton - I can't imagine spending any time with anyone who was in Pantera. I still can't figure out why anyone liked Pantera at all!
7)Sebastian Bach - I secretly have the hots for him!
8)Joan Jett - She produced the Germs!
9)Steven Tyler - He could tell some great stories, but I bet Geddy Lee is actually rather dull.
10)Jimmy Page - EVH can play circles around him, but I also bet EVH is even more shallow than DLR.

***Bonus triple threat
Slash - He's the best musician of the three and he really doesn't bug me as much as the others.
***Extra Bonus triple threat
Sammy Hagar - I always wondered what it was like to pet a sheepdog.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...



Ben-I wouldn't pass up meeting Angus.

Fred-Dee Snider would be very cool.
Strutter-Never cared for Rush? I think I just felt dizzy.

Bruce-Iommi seems quiet at times, but has told some great stories and I am sure he has more.

Ranea-Good point about Steven Tyler.

Phoenix-The Nuge probably takes a bow and arrow wherever he goes.

Bob-I'll bet Lita Ford has produced a lot of germs in her day. Oh, you meant the the band, the Germs.

10:29 AM  
Blogger :P fuzzbox said...

1) Ted: We can kill it, skin it, and grill it.
2) Dee: I have to ask him about the old doo.
3) Paul: You guessed that one though.
4) Ritchie Blackmore: Iommi has always struck me as a complete horses ass.
5) Tipton: I just like the name.
6) Cliff: Metallica Roolz.
7) Bret Michaels: It's personal I would rather not say.
8) Joan Jett: She looks like she has balls. I would just like to see.
9) Steven Tyler: He has always looked like he needs a good meal.
10)Eddie: Maybe he'd have some topless pic's of Valerie.

Bonuses: Slash if he promised to keep his hair out of my soup.

Sammy: It's all about the tequila.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

I might do another one of these next month.

4:39 PM  
Blogger David Amulet said...

Of all of them, the only ones I'd really want to talk to are Sebastian Bach, Geddy Lee, and maybe Steve Harris--all of whom can be pretty funny guys.

-- david

6:05 AM  

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