Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The stack

I remember now or at least I remembered that I have yet to listen to Operation Mindcrime 2 despite the fact that I promised to review it. So I need to get cracking and sit down and listen to it. I have other cd's that I have bought or checked out from the library that I have yet to listen to as well. I think I should listen to them, but I tend to reach for something more familiar and play that instead. Do you have a stack of cd's sitting at your house that you have yet to listen to?


Blogger OnMyWatch said...

no way! that thing would be ripped open and played immediately. :)

9:39 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

I do the same as Onmywatch. I do have a stack of CD's that I have listened to recently on my dresser that I haven't put away. My CD rack broke when I moved last year and I don't feel like digging through the box that they're all in everytime.

As far as O:M II, don't get your hopes up. It's not a bad album, but if it wasn't for the first one, I wouldn't enjoy is even half as much. Does that make you want to listen to it or what?

11:50 AM  
Blogger David Amulet said...

I've listened to everything I own. But many things I listen to once and put aside, unimpressed. Then I rediscover them later, often to find there are things I truly enjoy and missed upon first hearing.

I'm eager to hear what you say about Queensryche. I was not too pleased with it.

And yes, I have set it aside and will have to get back to it.

-- david

1:05 PM  
Blogger OnMyWatch said...

I agree with Mike about the 2nd Mindcrime. The only thing I felt was like their old selves was a song called The Hands, otherwise, if it wasn't associated with the first one, I'm sure I wouldn't have even listened to the whole thing. oh well, it was a good idea. :) anxious to hear what you think of it.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Bruce said...

I'm a lot like David, in that I'll buy a cd, listen to it once, then set it aside for months before I play it again. And I echo others' opinion on O:M II, which probably sounds strange coming from such a Queensryche fan.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Bar said...

(Mark, I used some of your questions on my blog but gave you credit and linked back to you, hope you don't mind!)

1:36 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

Onmywatch and Mike-I normally do that, but with watching the kids my listening time is limited.

David-My expectations are not high for OM2, but I am trying to stay objective until I hear it.

Bruce-Yes, sometimes getting in the second listen takes longer for me to do then the first listen.

Bar-I don't mind at all.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Vicious Steve said...

I have "the pile". The pile on my desk was in excess of 100 CDs that I hadn't played yet but I've cut that in half the last couple of months. One reason is time. Second reason is that I keep buying and putting newer purchases ahead of older ones.

When I see a CD I don't have, especially if I haven't seen one for a while, I snag it. Add all the new releases I pick up and catalog albums (finally replaced that Ride The Lightning cassette) I fill in the collection.....well, you get the point. It's my only vice.

I listen to every CD I buy at least twice. Some CDs you listen to once and you know it's junk but I give it that extra listen. Thank god I bought my Dell DJ, I load as many new purchases in and listen to the at work, some nights I can get 6 full CDs in.

I'm on vacation starting Friday morning so I'm going to put a dent in the pile in the next week or two.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Ben O. said...

No, but I have a stack of CDs I checked out from the library and haven't ripped onto my iPod yet.

Does that count?

Ben O.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous fred charles said...

I haven't been buying many CDs lately so I don't have a stack sitting on hand. I hear the new Boris CD (Pink) is great, so I will be picking that up next..if I can find it anywhere.

11:10 AM  

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