Thursday, December 20, 2007

Interview with Scott Hill of Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu formed in the early 1990's and have been plugging away playing a fuzzed out style of music somewhere between early 80's punk rock and late 70's hard rock. I recently got to talk to guitarist/vocalist Scott Hill and see how 2007 had gone and what plans they had for the future.

MM-“We must obey” came out earlier in the year and you have been on tour for months. How has touring gone so far and how much longer will this tour last?
SH---- We are back in Europe for the second time this year. We will have December off, have some local shows Jan. 2008, then a 6 week tour of the states Feb - April 2008. We will start writing a new record when that tour is done. Tours have been going great.

MM-“We must obey” is heavier and faster than you guys have been in quite a while. Why the change? Was it entirely planned or did you just have a lot of energy stored up?
SH--- It wasn't planned. I’m a HUGE fan of early 80's hardcore / punk and that's really all I listen to so some of those influences may be showing up more.

MM-You seem to have had more changes in your sound during this decade than you did in the 1990’s. Is that accurate and if so then why?
SH--- I havent really noticed. We always try to change things up without changing things up.

MM-Do you approach writing your music any differently now that say ten years ago?
SH--- No, it's exactly the same. Every Fu Manchu song starts with one riff. We try that riff and add to it. Music first then vocals, lyrics way later.

MM-There are no cars on the cover of the new album. Does that tie in with a change in attitude or not?
SH--- Yes, we have sort of overdone the automotive thing. Not sure if anymore wheeled things are going to show up on our artwork.

MM-What are the crowds like when you tour Europe? Is it a different kind of audience then here in the states or not?
SH--- The crowds in Europe are great. we just played and very crowd insane show in Gothenburg, sweden last night. The crowds in the states are very rowdy as well. San Diego has gotten insane lately. Everywhere seems to dig the heavy rock.

MM-You have had some problems with record labels in recent years. Is everything fairly stable now?
SH--- We are very happy with Century Media records and we hope that they are happy with us.


MM-Has this band accomplished everything you’d hoped they would at this point?
SH--- I never thought about that but we are getting close. We have toured the world a lot of times, released ALOT of records, put out our own record, the new "knew it all along / who are you?" 7", released a double live record, released everything on vinyl. All we need now is a dvd. That is being talked about now.

MM-Is it more difficult to play this style of music as you get older due to the energy you need or does it come as easy as always?
SH--- It's just as easy as it was 17 years ago.

MM-Since it’s almost the end of the year I am going to ask what are some of the best albums you have heard in 2007?
SH--- I like the It’s casual record. New Max Cady record.

Pick the band from the following pairs that you prefer and tell why.


--- When I was younger it was KISS, now it's AC/DC. I cant listen to KISS anymore.

Black Flag or Circle Jerks

--- Circle Jerks was the first band I ever saw live. that was Dec 1980. I was a youg kid and I snuck out of the house. After that show, all my rock records went to the back of my closet. Black Flag is my favorite band of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nothing heavier or as intense as "damaged"

Fireball Ministry or Orange Goblin

--- Both bands are good. Both bands are good live, can't pick.

Blue Cheer or Deep Purple

--- Blue Cheer. Love that band's first 2 records.

Acid King or Electric Wizard
--- I've never heard Electric Wizard. I've liked Acid King for a long time now.

MM-What future plans do you have?
SH--- Finish touring for "We must obey" in April 2008, then write a new record and do it all again.

MM-Anything else you want to say about your band or your music?
SH---- No.

Thanks to Scott for doing the interview.


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Thanks for another great interview! And I just *knew* he'd choose Blue Cheer over Deep Purple. :)

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