Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fireborn-A deadly premonition


Fireborn are they play melodic death metal. The vocals are of a fairly typical death metal style and sometimes they lighten up to an old style thrash approach as well. The rhythm section is decent, but sometimes a bit too much into the background at times when they are really needed to be more a part of the action. The best part of of "A deadly premonition" was definitely the guitar work which may not be stellar in originality, but they were sure solid and very active. I heard a large Iron Maiden influence in the guitar style and that's fine with me plus I heard some Helloween and Gamma Ray as well. I liked they took their time and that they spent as much time with perfecting different guitar tones as they did with playing fast and heavy. Sometimes bands in this style run into the problem of the vocals being too much of a contrast to the music to the point of where the two work against one another. Fireborn don't have that problem at all as the vocals work very well the music and they go along together while each add to the total sound. The band is also proficient in their timing and control of the overall pace on just about all of the songs. They never seemed rushed or forced and primarily got the most out of what they were playing. Although the album was fairly fresh and avoiding being repetitive I do think they could have dug a little deeper at times with the music and maybe been a little less predictable. There were a few hints of some potential to really open up, but I think they could have pushed in that direction a little more plus I think they already have the playing skills to do so. With "A deadly premonition" Fireborn have created an album that is immediately likable and it has enough to appeal to fans of different genres of metal.


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