Monday, May 05, 2008

Hail of bullets-Of frost and war

Metal Blade

Twenty years ago who would have guessed that death metal (then in it's infancy) would go on to be such a wide and popular field two decades later. Yet despite all the changes over the years sometimes the earlier styles are best. That how I personally feel about death metal and this is an album that sounds like it could have been done around 89-92 except perhaps that the production is better here. We get former members of members of Gorefest, Pestilence, Houwitser and Thanatos here so it's a bit of a death metal Supergroup of sorts. After some build-up they finally get at the meat of the material and the result is somewhere between prime Celtic Frost and early Bolt Thrower. They push forth deep tones, dry throated vocals and enough heavy, chunky rumblings to keep most fans happy. It's a basic approach yet they do it very well with the consistently biting bursts and the spine-rattling rhythm section. I would like to have seen them add a few more faster parts, but that's minor. "Of frost and war" isn't a venture into unknown territory for anyone involved here, but instead they draw on what they know and what they like. That approach serves them enough on this album.

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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

you touched upon something in your first sentences that I really jived with, being the advent of death metal in today's society, where back in our time, we would've been considered the ultra dweebs and sick fucks because of liking death metal...interesting how time shifts attitudes...we paid some of today's kids' dues for them

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