Sunday, September 28, 2008

Early Man-Beware the circling fin


Early Man tap into the beginning days of thrash oh circa 1983-1985. They remind me of early Metallica and Anthrax with a few NWOBHM influences shining through at times as well. Back when thrash was first being developed NWOBHM was a very big influence as bands like Raven and Venom were once thought of us speed metal in the early days. At the same point acts like Metallica, Slayer, Exciter and others were taking what acts like Iron Maiden, Raven, Venom and others had done and sped it up and added thickness and more aggressive vocals. Why the history lesson? Well, these young guys from Early Man have managed to tap into a sound that I think a lot of the retro thrash bands of today have missed out on. That's the fact that solid, classic metal like NWOBHM that was really at the core of early thrash. I think a number of young thrash bands shoot for a late 1980's style and are content to just pump away and try to pretend it's 1988 and sometimes they just come off as a poor copy and they oftentimes lack spirit or soul. Early Man are not doing anything new, but they have a grasp on the raw root of this style and they pick it up, dust it off and parade it around in all it's glory. The four tracks here bring you focus into the hooks and the changes instead of just trying to soar off. Okay, the vocals need a Sure, it's twenty plus years after the fact yet it's still entertaining and they milk it for all it's worth.

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