Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hemoptysis-Who needs a shepherd?



Hemoptysis hail from Tempe, Arizona and formed back in 2007. I was surprised at how tight this band is on their five song EP particularly given the relatively short time that they have been playing together. This is old school thrash and lots of bands are doing that however they guys mix in classic style metal as well. I hear Kreator, Sodom, Slayer, Dark Angel and others. Beyond that I also hear some shades of Mercyful Fate and even some NWOBHM influences to boot. Where this band excels is at mixing thrash and classic metal into a solid, heavy assault. The approach is basic and familiar yet well executed. Their sense of melodies and pace is strong. The maturity level of their playing and writing is evident as well. Hemoptysis has a solid grasp on how to really build the song, but keep it heavy and vibrant at the same time. Those are skills that not every up and coming thrash band has. Too many acts are content to just copy the older bands, but these guys do an admirable of trying to blend some styles. I was surprised at the production of this CD. The quality is very crisp and sharp with the right amount of emphasis on everything. My only real complaint is that now I want to hear a full length to see what they can do with that format. I do however hope that they pushing the limits. I like what is here, but they could certainly from just continuing to head in the direction that they started with this EP.

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