Monday, March 09, 2009

The Rattlebones-Ready to bite


You can't always judge an album by the cover. However as I took this out of it's envelope I couldn't help but think that this one was going to be 80's style glam. That was my expert diagnosis based on the band name and cover art. Of course I was pretty much wrong. The opener "Sister Sinister" does have a dirty, sleaze sound reminiscent of Faster Pussycat only with a more modern twist. That's about it for the 80's glam sound. After the opener Switzerland's The Rattlebones pull us along on a trip back in time. We are treated to a large slab of mid-late 70's hard rock. Think Aerosmith, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Ted Nugent for starters. Just smooth grooves and thick, juicy riffs similar to a time when music was more important than image. One of my favorites is "Broken Bottle" which comes towards the end of the album. The slow and controlled grooves had me thinking of Aerosmith around 1974. There is a slightly laid back feel to much of the material on this disc. That works for me because it gives me a chance to try and absorb all that the band is trying to accomplish. My only concern would be how they will get noticed when they rely so heavily on their influences. Coming into your own can always be tough for bands who wear their influences on their sleeves. However the most important thing is that the Rattlebones just simply rock. So hopefully everything else will just fall into place for them.

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