Friday, April 17, 2009

What's coming up?

Growing up with a father and a brother who were baseball fans I became exposed to the game at an early age. I was raised an Orioles fan and went to my first game when I was four. Even though I was a mere six years old and an O's fan I still have some faint memories of Mark Fydrich in that 1976 season. I remember my Dad and brother talking about him and my brother had a poster of him on the wall at some point. It didn't matter that he played for the Tigers, he was still of interest to all fans of the game. I just remember him being very much a part of baseball when the sport was still exciting to me. His career turned downhill quickly starting in 1977. My interest in baseball went downhill too during the 1981 strike and I soon came to realize that football was a much more interesting sport. However for a brief time the Bird was very much one of those players from a time when attitudes about the game were still different. It's a shame his career was cut short and a shame his life ended too early as well.

Here is what I hope to have out this week.
Acid Drinkers-Strip Tease

Drivin-Black Epitaph

Slough Feg-Ape Uprising



interview with Hansel

Clash of the album covers

Top 5 albums of 1972

Lesser of two evils (if I can get to it)

**Have a great week.



Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

for me baseball died when the strike came before the world series and then when the Marlins disbanded the team after winning a championship...I care about the Orioles but I'm not a diehard like I used to be when I couldn't take my hat off during game time out of fear of jinxing them

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