Monday, May 04, 2009

Rape pillage and burn-Songs of death...Songs of hell

Ibex Moon

This band have been in existence for over decade yet this is their only release to date. This is likely due to the fact that members are in a number of other projects as well. Now after this disc my hopes are that these guys give some more focus to this project and knock out a full length album. What we have before us is five tracks of early 90's style death metal mainly leaning towards the Florida bands. Now it is basic in that other than one track they don't make attempts to get beyond just straight, plowing ahead style of death metal. That limits them, but it took a few second into their opening track before I was pulled in by a huge, vicious riff. Most of the hear follow a simple blueprint that was set up by other acts years ago. However they do this well. The production is deep and it compliments the constant pounding assaults that this band delivers. They stick to what they know and generally keep it short and tight. Above all else they know to really punctuate parts and maintain the aggression that establish early on. Those two traits are something that enough bands bother to possess, but it helps a lot. I certainly like the intensity and the consistency of this release. My hope for when they do a full length is that they branch just a little more and I am sure they can accomplish that easily.

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