Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bone Gnawer-Feast of flesh


As I glanced at such song titles on the case as "Sliced & diced", "Cannibal cook-out" and "Hammer to the skull" I knew what this album was going to be about lyrically. That's right,the theme of the entire album is cannibals and cannibalism. I also had a good guess at to what the music was going to sound like too. It's old style death metal that's not quite as meaty as the song titles. These have obviously spent many an watching a lot of B grade horror movies. Bone Gnawer crank out some medium-fast, old-style death metal not far off from the likes of early Death and Massacre. They strike directly and benefit from some decent production values. The vocals are actually a little cleaner than others of this genre and I certainly think helps the sound to stick with me more. They roll along approaching every song relatively the same. It's heavy, but variation and melodies are not a part of their approach. They stick to a fierce style without flinching. Old style death fans might be thrilled this platter, but those looking for something more than just a throwback may not embrace Bone Gnawer as easily. It churns along just fine, but it's very simple and most of this style was done some time ago. After the album I felt like they just didn't take any chances and stuck to very simple format that wasn't terribly memorable. Not bad, but nothing special.

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