Saturday, July 04, 2009

What's coming up?

This past week I have beem enjoying the Monster Squad on DVD. No, not the 1987 film where the wolfman got kicked in the nards, but rather the short lived 1976 Saturday morning tv show. It focused on Walter (Fred Grandy from Love Boat), a criminology student who used his crime computer to revive figures of famous monsters. The Monster Squad consisted of Dracula played by Henry Polic, II who later did a lot of cartoon voices The fur-faced Werewolf, a.k.a. Bruce W. Wolf played byBuck Kartalian who played gorilla prison guard Julius from Planet of the apes. Frank N. Stein was played by former wrestler Michael Lane. They would fight a different super villain each week. The Monster Squad was done a lot of the same people who worked on the 1960's Batman TV show and the similarities are obvious. The show is corny and cheap, but still a lot of fun.

This week I hope to have out the following.

Reviews of...

Acid Drinkers-Vile Vicious Vision
Charm City Devils-Let's rock-n-roll
Spirits of the dead

Clash of the album covers
Number 17 on my guitarist count-down

Happy fourth of July!!



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