Saturday, August 08, 2009

List of threes for 2009


Since it will soon be 3/4 of the way through the year and I may not be hearing as much music in the last quarter of the year, I decided to give some list of top threes for 2009 so far.

Top albums so far
1-Mastodon-Crack the skye
2-Admiral Browning-Magic Elixar
3-Nihilitia-Nihilistic Militia

Top surprises (in a good way)
1-Blaze Bayley-The night that will not die
2-UFO-The visitor
3-Nasty Idols-Boys Town

Albums that should have been better
1-Heaven and hell-The devil you know
2-Doro-Fear no evil
3-Tim Owens-Play my game

Top re-issues
1-Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry anniversary edition
2-Satan-Court in the act
2-Acid Drinkers-Are you a rebel

Biggest Comebacks
Tie 2-Nasty Idols and Preying Mantis
3-At War

Best solo albums
1-Wino-Punctuated Equilibrium
2-Blaze Bayley-The night that will not die
3-Chris Laney-Pure

Albums that bored the crap out of me
1-Within the ruins-Creature
2-Rhino-Dead throne monarch
3-Seven Gates-Angel of suffering

Bands whose albums are not out yet, but I am looking forward to them
2-Gypsy Pistoleros

There you go.

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