Tuesday, September 29, 2009

X-sinner-World covered in blood


How can you copy an established band yet still come out sounding good? I don't normally like to begin a reivew with a question because I hope to provide answers more than questions. However that opening question went through my mind while listening to this disc. The band they copy is AC/DC who are easily one of the most copied hard rock bands around. However not everyone that copies or is influenced by them is able to succeed. X-sinner know what they are doing as they know the hooks and the pace, but they also have a fantastic grasp of how to reel how some mighty grooves. "World covered in blood" is very much rooted in the sound AC/DC perfected bewteen about 77-79. The tight squeezed guitar riffs, the raw vocals and the instantly likable choruses are all here. Granted they copy AC/DC down to even tiny details. That's not where their skills end. They go at it with more energy than AC/DC have in thirty years and the attitude that X-sinner are experts at this skill. There are indeed a lot of bands who attempt to produce this sound and many get the chords down, but there is far more to it than just notes and X-sinner know that. This is straight shooting, fun hard rock. I liked it right away and will definitely come back to it often.

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Anonymous metalman777 said...

I'm gonna have to revisit this album. I love their first two albums, Get It and Peace Treaty. Even loved their side project called The Angry Einsteins. But I didn't like this album at all! I think I only listened to it once, and they sounded like a bad copy of AC/DC to me (especially compared to their early material). I'll throw it on my ipod and listen to it tonight as I do some yard work and see if I didn't give it a fair listen.

9:01 AM  
Blogger darthplumber said...

I find it to be one of the best "Live" sounding studio productions I have ever heard, and I've been rockin' hard for forty years. I agree that they have maintained the edge that ACDC left behind. I once listened to Highway To Hell for 16 hours straight on a road trip to MS. I've been an ACDC fan since the beginning, but this project has filled a void that hasn't been filled by the rockers from down under for quite a while! I am sick of over produced perfect projects, I want a band to sound on disc exactly like they sound on stage, and that's what this brings!

1:37 PM  

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