Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big Turkey Award

The Big Turkey Award for 2009 goes to Lita Ford. It's not like Lita Ford's "prime" was that special to begin with. However I did have some admiration for her due to the decision to be happy with being a parent and choosing not to try some comeback like every other act who was around in the 80's-early 90's. When I first heard she was going to play at Rocklahoma in 2009 I figured a comeback album was inevitable. I didn't have expectations of it being worthwhile, but she and her husband former Nitro vocalist Jim Gillette managed to put out a recording that's far worse than anything I ever could have dreamed of. The music is light industrial ramblings, but it's all generic at best. The vocals have effects piled on top of them and lack any personality whatsoever. Add to that the lyrics try to be kinky and come across as awkward and unpleasant. So this was an easy decision indeed.

Here is a list of the past Big Turkey award recipients in case you were wondering.
2006-Axl Rose
2008-Judas Priest

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Anonymous metalguy639 said...

I never really like Lita Ford to begin with. I think this suit her. LOL

6:57 PM  

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