Sunday, December 20, 2009

Railway- 2

Metal Mind

Just over a year after their self-titled debut came out this band returned with the follow-up. I am uncertain as to what overcame the band in between the previous album and this one, but something changed. The self-titled disc is a fine hard rock album, but the direction of the album is somewhat scattered. At some point Railway picked up the pace and hammered out a more more direct style. That is what we get on this release. Okay, they sound more like Accept than on the debut. A few of the songs sounding similar in style to Accept around the time of Breaker and Restless and wild and they also sound a little like early Warlock as well. Now with song titles like "Lick it, stick it" and "Stronger than rock" you know that they didn't try all that hard with the lyrics. Still the music and vocals more than make up for the lyrical shortcomings. Railway certainly upped the heaviness on this release going from more hard rock to metal. Although there is still a melodic edge here and there that was present in the self-titled album. They seemed to have come into their own on this album and they found a sound that worked well for them. This album was easy to like and it will certainly be getting repeated plays from me in the near future. Metal Mind's re-issue includes a lyric booklet with photos and a band biography.

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