Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 25 albums of 2009

I posted these the other week, but I am putting them out again as a whole in case you missed it.

25-Sister-Deadboys making noise

These guys changed their image and sound some since 2008. It worked out for the best.

24-Chris Laney-Pure

Animal guitarist and seasoned producer Chris Laney knocked out a solo album full of some of the best hard rock songs of the year.


What is this? 1980's style AOR in 2009? Yes, but so well done I fell for it right away.

22-At War-Infidel

A reunion album that didn't suck. Thrash trio still had something left to give.

21-Sacred Oath-s/t

Veteran band sounding sharp.

20-Panzer Princess-Oh, no it’s Panzer Princess

One of the better glam albums of the year.

19- Dark Castle-Spirited Migration

Doom the way it should be played, slow and thick.

18-Wino-Punctuated Equilibrium

Doom legend sounding a lot like Pentagram on his solo disc.

17-Nasty Idols-Boy’s Town

These guys still have some gas left in he tank.

16-Gypsy Pistoleros-Hotel De La Muerte

A shame it's only an EP, but anything from this band is worth hearing.

15-Praying Mantis-Sanctuary

A very good release from this NWOBHM band.

14-Artillery-When death comes

Great thrash comeback with new singer.


Nothing new, but solid.


This one was flying up my list as I put it together.


Probably the first really good album that I heard in 2009.

10-Kylesa-Static Tensions

This might be the album on this list that took me the longest time to get into.

9-Nihiltia-Nihilist Militia

Rough, but I got into it right away.

8-Wolfmother-Cosmic Egg

These guys have grown as songwriters since the last album.

7-Black Math Horseman-Wyllt

Strange, but appealing stoner/drone.

6-Steel Assassin-In hellfire forged

Re-recordings of some old songs, but very sold classic style metal.

5-Slough Feg-Ape uprising

More of their style of NWOBHM with underlying folk melodies, but one of their stronger albums.

4-Slayer-World painted blood

One of their best in a long time.

3-Black Cobra-Chronomega

Slow, thick and heavy.

2-Admiral Browning-Magic Elixar

Holy shit, these guys built a wall of sound on this album.

1-Mastodon-Crack the skye

Not what I figured this album would be like, not even what I hoped for perhaps, but great nonetheless.

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Anonymous Metal Misfit said...

The best thing about reading other people's list is more often than not you learn about albums and missed you may have missed out on. I'll definitely be checking a few of these albums out.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

I just put this list together around the first week of December. Already in just this last week I heard three 2009 releases that might have made the list had I heard them a little earlier. So I have to add that the new ones from Post Mortem, Raise the red lantern and Mean Streak are all some of the better releases of 2009 as well.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mastodon is a mighty choice at #1. A very addicting album from them. Isn't Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg something else or what? Cosmic Egg I just cracked open, (no pun intended), a couple of weeks ago... I like it more every day. Have a fine Metal New Year.


2:24 PM  

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