Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Auras-New Generation



Now this has to be one of the more misleading album titles I have heard in some time. There isn't much new at all to the sound presented here. Now the fact that it's on Frontiers records had me figuring that this was going to be 80's style AOR and it is. Auras sound a lot like early 80's Journey almost to the point that you could draw lines connecting what Journey songs influenced each of the songs on New Generation. I can hear somee Survivor, Treat and others too. The songs are a bit longer than your usual radio friendly AOR fare. Not that they do a whole lot extra in that time, but rather that they stretch them out another minute or so. This is pretty much what you would expect for this style. There are lots smooth as silk keyboards, strong vocals and catchy choruses. However a number of the melodies fall more on the music than on the vocals. Which makes this a little different although perhaps not as memorable in the long run. The greatest strength of this disc is that everything is familiar so easy to get into right away. On the other hand there isn't real of Auras own sound to really set this apart. I listen to it now and like it, but will I reach for this six months from now if I want to heard some AOR sounds? Likely not. So if they are content is just imitating their influences then mission accomplished, but if they want to be recognized for themselves then they have some more work to do.

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