Sunday, March 21, 2010



The End

Frequently I am reminded of just how much the world of metal has grown and expanded in the styles that exist nowadays. You still get plenty of bands that still play just one type of metal and that can work too. Still there are more and more bands pulling upon different types of metal. How they piece them together can be based on their own take on how to best apply the different sounds. Borknagar are one such band who pulls upon different sounds. To pin it down this disc contains symphonic metal black metal, folk elements and much of it mixed in with a progressive style at times. We all knew it's not the amount sounds that matters, but how they are pieced together. For these guys I'm afraid it's hit and miss, but certainly more on the positive side. The first time through I was overwhelmed by the amount of sounds pushed in. However many of the parts just didn't gel and repeated plays made that fact even more obvious. It's great to have the talent to play a wide variety of styles and it's shows ambition to take this on. However their sense of arrangements are lacking because the songs frequently seem cluttered. The last several songs just left me feeling very cold. They definitely hit on some occasions where they make it work and I was pulled in. The playing ability is obviously present so the potential is there they just need a lot of developing. This was definitely a case of more not necessarily being a better thing.

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