Sunday, June 13, 2010

Steelwing-Lord of the wastleand


Noise Art

In the last decade or so the number of bands playing old style metal and hard rock has increased greatly. There are plenty of bands playing 80's glam/hair metal and a huge outpouring of retro-thrash bands. Now there also bands whose prime influences stem from classic metal and the NWOBHM scene. Sweden certainly has it's share of young bands playing 80's style music these days, but many of them have been glam style acts. Well here is Steelwing from Sweden who obviously have much love for classic, denim and leather type metal from the 80's. You can certainly hear the likes of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Anvil and others on "Lord of the wasteland". They have a strong focus on their main riffs and they deliver on almost every song. The songs are fairly basic, but as guitar driven metal goes it's powerful enough to work. They are both aggressive and confident in their work and it shows. Their Myspace page says they formed last year as they formed out of the ashes of Hellevator, but you sure wouldn't know that they had only been together for a short time because they work great as a unit. The ideas are now new although their enthusiasm and energy level is higher than a number of other young bands attempting this style in today's scene and that does make a difference. They also attempt more pace changes than I was expecting. Not all of them work, but many do and I certainly admire them for taking a few chances. This is easily one of the better classic style metal albums I have heard this year. I do hope that in the future that the band keeps forging ahead and continues to take a few chances and continue to build their own identity. I think they have the potential to be one of the best of the old style metal bands going today.

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