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Mini Reviews-Saw 3D, X Contract , Recker



If the movie is in 3D then why should the soundtrack be so one dimensional? Could not resist that one. In all fairness there are some positive moments on this soundtrack, but I'll get to them in a minute. Soundtracks that contain songs by a lot of different bands can be a mixed bag. Sometimes you get music that might really fit with the mood of the movie and other times you get a hodge podge of artists that the label sees fit to promote. I think this disc leans more towards that second category. Most of the material has been out for a while. Bigger names like Saving Abel and Saliva plus not as big of names like Karnivool and Kopek. What most of the songs on this album have in common is that they are flavorless and you will likely forget about than about half an hour after this 16 track album finishes. The highly touted and frequently overhyped Lordi appear as well offering up "This is heavy metal" which probably took them a whole four or five minutes to write. There are three standouts on this album. The first is "Promises" from Nitzer Ebb. It's very much the kind of subtle yet intriguing kind if industrial assault that this band is so good at doing. Next "Hoodoo Woman" has Krokus doing a better version of AC/DC than AC/DC have done in more than twenty years. Dir En Grey's "Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami" is the final track on the album, but easily the most creative and thrilling song here as the band throws every twist and turn in that they can think of. As a whole not a very impressive soundtrack, but there are a few gems buried here and there.


X Contract -Blooden Diaries

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this one and unfortunately even after hearing it I am still not sure what I ended up with. Contract X play a mix of pop, punk and hard rock, but it's a combination that is not particularly smooth and all too often they seem unsure of their direction. There are some tight guitar rhythms on tracks like "You don't know me" and "Hatedream". All too often the songs begin with promise and about 15-20 seconds in all the edges smooth down and go to the background the off key vocals and mellow drone take over. There is definite potential here, don't get me wrong. I think the playing is generally decent as they hit on occasional groove, but the major problem is in the songwriting. The lyrics are like poetry...really bad poetry written by some temporarily angst driven teenager. Lots of awkward rhymes dominate many songs here. They just lack the ideas and hooks to write a complete song that is going to keep your attention. This band needs work, a lot of work, but there are enough sparks to make me not want to write them off yet.

Recker-Tragedy of triumph

On this album Rich Recker was responsible for vocals, mosts of the guitars, bass, most of the keyboards as well as mixing and producing this album. This is an album that he should be proud of too. This is some fine and memorable melodic metal with just a hint of AOR on a few songs. Had me thinking of Dokken, early Queensryche and maybe even Black 'n Blue. So very much a mid-80's flavor. Recker has a steady grasp how to really construct a solid song. The writing is solid and the playing is perhaps even better. The vocals are powerful and smooth as Recker does a solid job handling different paces and styles. The songs are fill with hooks that will get you right away and keep you glued to what is happening next. My only complaint was the production was slightly low so I had adjust some settings initially, but then it sounded fine. Still a great job and worth checking out.

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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

looks like we mirror each other for the most part on Saw 3-D. Glad you took to that Nitzer Ebb song. That and Dir En Grey really have the most personality in a pretty bland series of label filler songs

7:02 PM  
Blogger Heff said...

I'm gonna go check out Hoodoo Woman. I love the way Krokus RIPS OFF Ac/Dc !

10:05 AM  

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