Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Atlantean Kodex-The golden bough


Cruz Del Sur

This band has been at it for some time knocking out a couple of EPs, a split release and even live release before now releasing their first full length album. They seem to be getting the term "epic metal" slapped on them. I can see that in some ways due to the length of the tracks and the storytelling element that is present in many of their songs. At their root these guys are a traditional or classic style metal band not far off from the likes of Manilla Road and Omen. Now they do branch out their sound more and pull upon power and even doom metal, but at the heart of their material is solid 1980's style metal. It took me a few plays to really warm up to this album because they go by their own pace and it takes some real patience and attention on the part of the listener to observe to truly soak in all that Atlantean Kodex are creating. This is a truly a journey complete with curves, twists, mountains and valleys swirling with sound as they create a a truly multi-textured musical landscape. Now with any album of this style it's bound to hit a few bumps. Indeed there were a few moments where I was left feeling cold or dry because the band went on a bit too long. Still this is largely and effort with a great deal of heart and soul behind it.

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