Monday, January 31, 2011


Exile On Mainstream 2/22/2011
When I was in my late teens I was involved with a young lady heavily involved in the art scene. We got along fine enough on the surface and used each other to bounce creative ideas off of. But what put me off was her insistence upon going to see pretentious and abstract beat poets. I just couldn't stand the crowd and the message. I always thought they were just a bit to uptight for their own good. Listening to Wive had that effect on me. Obviously not meant for mainstream digestion PVLL sounds promising on paper. Drum programing mixing with ambient noise. Violins, pianos, synths and vocals washing over each other. I could appreciate that if it all wasn't so drab. It just lacks any sort of real spark. Save for a few interesting moments on "Come Join The Sea" and the decent "Lazarvs and Dives" there isn't anything to take hold of. It's like the soundtrack to art film your parents made while in college. Other than those who think music should just be deconstructed and throw together in any shape or form who was this aimed at?


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