Thursday, March 03, 2011

Afterlife-Buried Alive Demo Single

Self Released 2011

In 1985 the Swedish based band Razorblade independently released the killer 7" single "Run For Your Life/Ready To Fight". The single and a 4-track demo would be their only releases before disbanding. After almost thirty years they decided to reform under the name Afterlife. A full length demo is in the works. In the meantime though the single "Buried Alive" was sent to Strappados Obscure Metal Blog (thanks for the share) by their bassist Fredrik Gunnarsson. After checking the track out I was immediately impressed. What you have here is old school heavy metal. Traditional heavy metal your thing? If so you will love this track. "Buried Alive" is no nonsense heavy metal in the way bands like Armoured Saint and Riot play. With so many bands these days moving away from playing pure heavy metal it's good to see bands like Afterlife embracing that old school axe attack style. Having talked with with Fredrik myself the group is offering a free download of their single for your listening pleasure. I'll post the link below. An official website is in the works and by the sounds of this track the full length album should be some great (and pure) straight up heavy metal. "Buried Alive" is a must hear for old school fans like myself!


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