Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hay Perro-Eastern ideas of death


I began this review like three times with different introductions and I eventually scrapped all three. Each time I kept getting into long explanations about metal and punk and the history of or lack of blending the styles. Instead I am just cutting straight to talking about Hay Perro. They don't walk the line between metal and punk/hardcore. No instead they run back and forth between the two worlds pulling from both sides. The music combines a heavy dose of early Iron Maiden with some explosions of hardcore. Some times the two styles are done seperate and on other occasions they are combined to some extent. The vocals are of a punk rock style complete with plenty of force and grit. The vocals blend perfectly with whatever style of music the band is cranking out at the time. I have heard plenty of bands who claim to be both metal and hardcore, but their sound tends to lean more towards one side over the other. Hay Perro are they pull strong elements from both forms of music and get the best of both worlds. Hay Perro are the real deal because they get the most of it all that they play and they sound like they really mean it. The album gets even better as it goes along and I enjoyed more each time I listened to it. If there is one complaint it was only that I wish the album had more tracks on it because I was really getting into it and it was over. Definitely track this disc down and check it out.


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Blogger Andy said...

Great interview with them and it's peaked my interest to hear the album!

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